On this spot of tea episode… Is the patriarchy ruining your relationship? (definitely yes) Hood lit or ‘nigglature’ as it has been called by somebody somewhere is a having a what the fvck moment on social media, Is Rebel Wilson a level 3 white feminist or did she just repeat some dumb shit that her agent said to get her gassed? Or is it both?

This week’s hot list: cover yourself in emollients, Will Smith is the TV dad we thought we had, reality tv destroys families, add these podcasts to your rotation: Jade & XD, #Reaganomics, The Black Guy Who Tips, Grizzly KiKi, follow @broobs.psd on instagram. Should we review season 2 of She’s Gotta Have It or nah? We reaffirm our Queen & J. sex policy, Rebel Wilson is bad at twitter, it’s the 20th anniversary of the cinematic masterpiece “Belly” that’s right (muthafuggin masterfuggin piece kinda), Quan Millz, hood lit, opporcoonists, and Vote and break up with your boyfriend it’s probably for the best. Yes, all of you.

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This week’s closing clip features Nas infamous “let’s go to Africa” clip from the film Belly:www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEwGwW-vn38

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