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Meet Queen 

Queen is a Bronx native with a Harlem heart, did college in Queens, currently resides in Brooklyn and like most New Yorkers forgets Staten Island exists. Always someone with something to say and  a need to be heard, she decided to transfer that into becoming a media  maven. Currently running her own online magazine Ms. Vixen  and now taking her opinions and talents to the Podcasting world with her friend  J. Her goal is media domination, to always have huge hair, and to always stay fly. 


Twitter: @TheQueenSpeaks_

Instagram: @TheQueenSpeaks_

Contact me! NaimaM@MsVixenmag.com



Meet J.

J. is professional Black girl from the Bronx, and a womanist race nerd focused on dismantling white supremacist patriarchal capitalism while laughing, drinking tea and indulging in various forms of Black joy. For the past four years she's created audio content centering Black women and Black femme identifying individuals, exploring America's caste system, allowing herself to learn and be challenged publicly, and sharing her journey through mental health. In addition to freedom and liberation, Janicia loves cosplay, believes there's a special place in her heart (and hell) for body paint, and lovingly asks that you do not call her a "lady".


Twitter: @JaniciaF

Instagram: @JaniciaF

Contact me! TeawithQueenandJ@gmail.com