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On this episode… You probably haven’t googled the word nuance in a while, so go do that sh!t and come back… welcome back. Are you a twitter misogynist who capitalizes off of Black women and looks like a toe? Are you a Black feminist who calls out everybody but her Black man friends?

This week’s hot list: Curlfest x hypebeasting, Brown Skin Girl still, brujeria for the haters, Posse gang, jumping to conclusion ass b!tches, burn more candles (keep a fire extinguisher on deck, safety first), colorism and fragility, conflating everything and seeing the nuance in nothing, speaking up when it’s uncomfortable, being accountable to dismantling the system even when it’s uncomfortable so you don’t look like an ashy complicit woke for clout ass nikka. All that and more!

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Listen to Queen’s critique of Brown Skinned Girl from ep. 215 (starts at moment 34:02): Tea-with-queen-and-j – 215-brown-skin-girl

Listen to us discuss that guy who keeps our name in his mouth while trying to erase us (ep. 213, segment starts at 1:21:43: Tea-with-queen-and-j – 213-fcking-erasure

This week’s closing clip features Titus Burgess on WWHL with Andy Cohen (Laverne Cox is also sitting with Titus as a guest): twitter.com/jamesakajim/status/…36753930072064?s=21

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