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On this episode… Are you a white person who wants me to denounce another Black person because you are wilding and always out of pocket? Are you a Black person with a pocket full of Solange hot takes? Are you somewhere scared and hiding until the current president stops presidenting. Whoever you are, wherever you at, we got it covered

This week’s hot list: Nuance is not just a word that sounds french, the power dynamics of Tamika Mallory, Louis Farrakhan and the Womens March, Solange is our Black girls delight, that Michael Cohen mess that lead to that racist Mark Meadows mess that Rashida Tlaib tried to pull us out of, who is Monica Roberts? Interpersonal labor, Yolanda Vega a NY legend, Doing something racist vs. being “a racist”, disability rights, Carrie Ann Lucas, health care, and more...

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This week’s closing clip features Rep. Rashida Tlaib confronting Rep. Mark Meadows during the House Oversight Committee hearing of Michael Cohen. Read John Blake’s analysis and watch the clip: www.cnn.com/2019/02/28/us/cohen…is-blake/index.html

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