Queen & J. are two womanist race nerds talking liberation, politics, and pop-culture and over tea. Drink up!

On this episode… White people try to police us off the face of the earth, rapist cops are running rampant on Rikers, and is it so hard to let Black people enjoy things? Black people, we’re talking to you

This week’s hot list: Black joy killers, contrarian ass ni**as, Dear White People, policing as a tool of gentrification, cultural celebrations, quarantining Black life, the royal wedding, life is hard - enjoy things, mental health & free counseling, incarceration & sexual assault, how not to interview a Black feminist/womanist and mad other sh!t

Tea Talk 17:45 - 43:15
#PayBlackWomen 43:15 - 46:15
News That’s Not News (Trigger warning for rape) 46:15 -54:45
The Pit 54:45-1:08:55

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This week’s closing clip features Malcolm X

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