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On this episode… We celebrate trans visibility day and ask are we simply tolerant of people’s differences or have we graduated to acceptance yet? We ask for trigger warnings, and review what the internet taught us about domestic violence. Also, as sexually liberated womanist race nerds how can we give little girls and femme’s the tools to freedom without enduring the trauma we went through to get here? Is it even possible?

This week’s hot list: #PodinLiveNYC, building community, mental health, trigger warnings, #TransDayOfVisibility, tolerance vs acceptance, who bears the labor of learning, domestic violence and how to protect one another, the bolt bag, Sesi Magazine, voter suppression, why RuPaul is an aunt and not an auntie, fragile masculinity, and the horrors of tinder and the patriarchy
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Help in the fight against domestic violence. Check out Beverly Gooden’s (@bevtgooden) hashtag #WhyIStayed and support the “Bolt Bag” project and share it with someone who can benefit from it http://www.ellamaefoundation.org/boltbag
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Learn more about Crystal Mason’s sentence of 5 years for “voter fraud”: http://atlantablackstar.com/2018/03/31/heres-happened-3-white-people-committed-voter-fraud-vs-black-texas-woman/

This week’s closing clip features Black trans woman and drag performer Octavia Saint Laurent in the film “Paris Is Burning”: https://youtu.be/Ezc4CnZ8FQQ

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