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Meet Queen 

Queen is a Bronx native with a Harlem heart, did college in Queens, currently resides in Brooklyn and like most New Yorkers forgets Staten Island exists. Always someone with something to say and  a need to be heard, she decided to transfer that into becoming a media  maven. Currently running her own online magazine Ms. Vixen  and now taking her opinions and talents to the Podcasting world with her friend  J. Her goal is media domination, to always have huge hair, and to always stay fly. 


Twitter: @TheQueenSpeaks_

Instagram: @TheQueenSpeaks_

Contact me! NaimaM@MsVixenmag.com



Meet J.

J. is a thirty something thinker and a feeler who’s been screaming about racial and social injustice, womanism, and natural hair since the eighth grade and is happy to no longer feel like an outcast for it (she credits the internets). She is an alumna of Vanderbilt University, where she nurtured these interests with buku courses on race and other diasporadical shiznit, but didn’t formalize them as a minor, because who goes to school for what they love? She also would like a gender neutral word for ‘alumna’. When she’s not independent media making with Queen on Tea with Queen and J. podcast, she’s engaging in activism, social media strategizing, cosplay, and general bad-assery.


Twitter: @JaniciaF

Instagram: @JaniciaF

Contact me! TeawithQueenandJ@gmail.com